Wolves, Boys and Other Things that might Kill Me By Kristen Chandler

chandlerIn the nature of Carl Hiaason’s YA novels Hoot and Flush, Kristen Chandler’s first novel is set in Yellowstone National Park where the wolf population is dwindling after their reintroduction.  KJ is an outdoorsy type girl who loves to spend time with her dad leading fishing and hiking expeditions out of their small town of West End, Montana.  But when Virgil and his mom show up, life in their peaceful sleepy town get stirred up.  KJ finds herself in the midst of a battle between those who want to save the wolves and the ranchers who want them destroyed.

I read this book while I was on a vacation in Kansas and had very little to do in between meetings.  I found that I wanted to keep reading because just when I thought I had the bad guys figured out, the plot twisted.  I was captivated by the rich characters and innovative plot.  The theme for this book would be Team Virgil or Team Ranchers…I am so Team Virgil!!!   Her website is awesome!  http://www.krischandlerstories.com/

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